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Cotswolds.Info becomes first Founding Corporate Sponsor
of the Ashmolean Museum at Broadway

- Press Release issued 16/03/2013

The first time in Oxford University's Ashmolean Museum's 330 year history it is expanding out of Oxford to the Cotswold village of Broadway and setting up a museum in Tudor House - one of the oldest buildings in the village.

The oldest public museum in the world, the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at Oxford is setting up a museum in the beautiful Cotswold village of Broadway. The new museum will be housed in Tudor House on the village High Street - this building pre-dates the Ashmolean.
The target date for the opening is 25 May 2013 and will display objects from the 17th to the 21st centuries over three floors, including objects from the founding Tradescant collections of the Ashmolean Museum. There will also be a gallery space dedicated to rotating exhibitions providing local artists with the opportunity for displays, as well as education and outreach programmes.

For further information see - Ashmolean at Broadway

If you are Serious about your Business then so are we - June 2010

Cotswolds.Info has gone from strength to strength and is now achieving 6500 visitors per day from around the World with over 13.5 million hits per month.

Our website is the World's largest Internet resource for the unique Cotswolds region of the UK with now over 850 advertisers taking advantage of our massive website traffic driving an exceptional increase in their business turnover and bottom line profitability.

Cotswolds.Info is ranked at the top of all leading Search Engines (including Google, Bing and Yahoo) for hundreds of popular search phrases leading to ever increasing numbers of site visitors looking to visit and holiday in the Beautiful Cotswolds area.

We pride ourselves in being a first point of contact for 'anything' Cotswolds including a massive resource base of over 650 webpages of authoriative information.

At Cotswolds.Info we take a very 'proactive' approach to assisting our Advertising Partners improve their businesses by exposure to a truly Internation market as well as the domestic UK and local markets and to get the best possible results from being represented on

We are alway prepared to take time to discuss in detail how we can help and assist Cotswold and National businesses take advantage of advertising with us - hence our motto -

If you are serious about your business then so are we!

For further information see Advertising Opportunties with Cotswolds.Info or have a chat with Richard Pinder on 01386 837553 or drop him an e-mail at

Richard Pinder - Proprietor of - September 2008

Gloucestershire’s economy is enjoying a major boost in tourism – thanks to the foresight of a businessRichard Pinder and Jake property manager who bid for the web name Cotswold.Info – and go it.

Today, the site promotes Places to See, Stay and Eat across the six counties upon which the Cotswolds are based and it  receives an astonishing number of “visitors” – those who go online to find somewhere to stay.

For Richard Pinder (61) it is the best job he has ever done…because when he chose to move south from Leeds he and wife Susan set up home in Broadway…and promptly fell in love with the Cotswolds.

“On our first day in a place we had thought was temporary, I got up, walked down a lane, turned a corner and saw Broadway. The effect was amazing…and instead of unpacking our goods and chattels we jumped into the car and explored…it was one of those amazing moments in life you have difficulty in adequately describing”.

They made the move permanent, bought a house, turned it into a guest house, and Richard commuted to Birmingham where he was responsible for rolling out a new retailing concept involving new sites and many of the existing 250 outlets for the former Fosters Menswear Outfitters. And when the chain closed, he became the successful online marketer that is Cotswold.Info today.

The facts are stunning. His site has

  • More than 700 advertisers, ranging from hotels, b&b’s, restaurants and tour companies
  • More than 5000 unique visitors per day – from all over the world as his analytical software proves.
  • There are 500,000 page views every month
  • And in last month “hits” topped 11.5million

And in turn, all those who visited and booked accommodation contributed millions of pounds to the Cotswold economy – especially to tourist businesses in the six English counties forming the Cotswolds region.

Page 2

What makes the site so valuable and so responsive is that Richard brought all his business acumen to the writing of the “backroom” – the unique software that woos tourists to the region.

Business acumen gained as the man who was involved in property development for Asda, and Warners Bros ‘Bugs Bunny’ Studio Stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

“My passion for what Cotswold.Info does never wanes; I love the region and have so many new acquaintances around the world, for people almost see us as a tourist information unit…we get calls from all around the world, Japan, Australia, mainland Europe, Australia, China, USA and Canada and even from Arab Sheiks wanting help finding 5 star accommodation.

Richard is frequently contacted by the television channels including Japanese television for research information and has been on Radio 4 and several local radio stations.

“I believe our success is due to our very transparent, economical service. Each client sees us a passport to more business. I see it as an opportunity to further promote a part of the country which I have grown to love”.

For Richard, Cotswold.Info is still in its early years…four years from inception it is a huge contributor to UK tourism marketing. He plans to expand throughout the region and beyond.

Richard and faithful Jake

To him, standing on a hill in the Cotswolds with faithful dog Jake has opened his eyes to even greater opportunities in the future – and he plans to grasp them.

Visit for an even better view of the business that Richard Pinder has built.

Why the Cotswolds is the perfect Escape to the Country - January 2007

The Cotswolds stretch from Stratford-upon-Avon to south of Bath and from Oxford in the east to Gloucester in the west. It is the largest designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales. It is also one of the most tourist visited areas in the UK outside of London.

The attractions of the Cotswolds are many and as an immigrant to the area from Yorkshire of 10 years, my passion for the area makes it difficult for me to give a structured clear and unemotional answer.

The Cotswolds region is a compact area but one you never truly discover. It is an area in midsummer when you can still travel on back roads between towns and hardly ever see another car. It is an area of rolling hills and hidden valleys and round a corner you stumble into the most idyllic 'chocolate box' village.

Entering Cotswold country is like going through a 'time warp' to what England was like 400 years ago. A place totally untouched by modern man and his Industrial Revolution. The hidden limestone villages and market towns have been, as though, preserved in amber with immortality assured. They blend harmoniously into the gentle rolling hills as if they have grown from them.

The honey coloured stone of the north has a magical property, the hues of which change depending on the time of year and angle of the sun; spring mornings and late summer evenings are a kaleidoscope.

The houses and cottages were built before Council Planning Authorities and yet we have uniformity, all roofs are laid to a 60 degree pitch, stonework is perfectly colour matched, window frames of oak and internal beams and floorboards of elm. Outside doors of 'weathered grey' oak and internal doors of 'ledge and braced' elm. Roofs of naturally 'frost split' limestone and the whole continually breathing and moving in harmony with the seasons.

The Cotswold places whilst having homogeneity also have idiosyncratic 'character' and enviable charm. Each village has its own in wealth and if you have a personality clash with one then you are bound to fall 'head of heals' with another: so is the way of the Cotswolds.

Living in the Cotswolds has its drawbacks. Walking down the village street to get the morning paper can take, what seems like an eternity of a couple of hours, people talk to you. Not for the shy or the big city anonymity here. Want a quiet drink in the local, sorry, people talk to you. Want to get served quickly in the local shop, impossible, you've guessed - people want to talk to you. Don't need help, forget it, people help here.

So, why come to the Cotswolds - I really don't know!

Richard Pinder

Cotswolds.Info Rolls Out Its Success to Other UK Regions - 1 September 2006

The highly successful Cotswolds Information web site ( now claiming to be the World's largest Internet resource for the whole of the Cotswolds region with over 4000 unique visitors per day and circa 4.75 million hits per month is now expanding to cover the whole of the UK using the same successful formula - comprehensive information with a unified approach aimed at a truly International world wide web audience.

The first regional web site outside the Cotswolds has now been launched for the Royal Forest of Dean ( including the nearby areas of Wye Valley, Severn Valley, Vale of Leadon and counties of Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. Other regions of the UK will follow.

Richard Pinder, Managing Director, says - "Currently the Royal Forest of Dean and neighbouring regions suffer from fragmented and poor information and as a result suffer from a low value 'market brand' with the obvious result of lack of tourists especially from abroad - we aim to significantly improve that position'.

For further media information see:-

Start of New Cotswolds Tourist Information Service - March 2004

The Broadway based company Cotswolds.Info, one of the largest Internet resource providers for the Cotswolds region, has started a Tourist Information Service which includes a 12 hours per day Telephone Help Line operating 7 days a week.

The Managing Director, Richard Pinder, started the company 2 years ago based in Broadway, says that the very popular web site,, is now achieving over 1000 visitors per day and increasingly telephone calls are being received from tourists requiring assistance with their holiday plans, itineraries and problems which they may encounter whilst touring the Cotswolds.

He says that in view of a cloud hanging over the continuation of visitors information centres and specifically at Cirencester, Stow-on-the-Wold and Bourton-on-the-Water and in addition to Gloucestershire now being part of the English Tourism Council South West Tourist Board instead of the Heart of England are all factors that show a need for the strengthening of the 'Cotswolds' brand name and the continued provision of high quality tourist information services.

Cotswolds.Info will now provide a free 12 hour telephone Help Line operating 7 Days a week in addition to its popular Travel Assistant Service where tourists can request Touring Itineraries specially tailored to their personal needs at nominal costs.

Richard is also a very keen conservationist and this reflects in the comprehensive information on the web site to avoid the production of brochures and so minimizing on the depletion of the world's resource of trees.

WWW.COTSWOLDS.INFO has been featured on BBC Radio 4, Japanese Television, and the Daily Telegraph. It is top of first page ranked with all the leading Internet search engines and has been a 'pick of the week' with Yahoo. For the search term 'cotswolds information' is No.1 with Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

In addition Cotswolds.Info provides a Free Help Service to all Cotswold based companies wanting assistance with Internet Marketing through their sister web site WWW.COTSWOLD.BIZ.

Contact details:- Richard Pinder, Cotswolds.Info, The Stables, West End, Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7JP. Tel No.01386 853790 E-Mail

Richard Pinder, Managing Director, Cotswolds.Info

Cotswolds Tourist Information - March 2004

Cotswolds.Info tourist information is the world's largest Internet resource for the Cotswolds region - the biggest of the designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales where time has stood still for 300 years.

The web site covers in detail the History and Heritage, the beautiful public gardens, Places to Stay and Visit, Interactive Maps and Travel Information. It importantly offers free answers to specific travel queries and also offers a Travel Assistant to compile 'specific needs' touring itineraries for a nominal charge.

The web site has been featured on BBC Radio 4, Japanese television and the Daily Telegraph. It is one of the top ranked web sites for the Cotswolds on all leading search engines and has been a 'pick of the week' with Yahoo.

Telephone queries can be dealt with 12 hours per day 7 days per week between 0900 and 2100 UK time. E-mail enquiries are dealt within 4 hours.

Contact details:-

Address - Cotswolds.Info, 110 High Street, Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7AJ, England, UK.
Web site -
E-Mail -
telephone - 0044 (0)1386 853790


The Cotswolds is one of the most beautiful and unique regions in the United Kingdom where time has stood still for 300 years. It is officially designated by the Government as an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty', the largest in England and Wales covering nearly 800 square miles (2000 square kilometres) where ancient and immaculately preserved 'honey coloured' limestone villages nestle in hidden valleys amongst the breathtaking beauty of the rolling 'Wolds'.

The region takes in an area across the four counties of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire and is comprehensively detailed and catalogued in the worlds largest Internet resource for this unique area by 'Cotswolds.Info' in their web site You will find online image rich details bringing to life the true Spirit of the Cotswolds, its ancient and timeless quality, the quiet beauty, its moody magnificence, the richness of its history, and its heart of Wool and Stone.

The Managing Director, Richard Pinder, lives in the village of Broadway, often described as the 'Jewel of the Cotswolds'. He is as passionate as anybody can get about the region he lives and has vowed to publish on the site details about every village (they run into several hundred) and every 'nook and cranny' for the benefit of Tourists and the Cotswolds Community. He envisages over the next twelve months the web site will become one of the major definitive Internet resources for the Cotswolds region. It is already achieving great interest with an average of 1000+ hits per day being recorded.


More and more tourists are using the Internet to arrange and book their holidays on-line, some official figures point to as high as 65% of bookings now made by this method.

Certainly, the UK and the other English speaking countries such as USA, Canada, and Australia without doubt heavily use the Internet to arrange their touring and accommodation itinerary to the Cotswolds and the UK. It should also be noted the non-English speaking country of Japan

In view of this it is now regarded, by serious tourist related businesses, to have their own web sites. But does it start and stop here and what are the pitfalls lurking behind this new technology?

Regularly we get businesses bemoaning the fact that their web site does not live up to the expectations of bringing in hundreds of new guests to their B&B or Hotel and still have to rely on the much more expensive traditional forms of advertising their business.

Lets take a quick look at some of the reasons why this is and some of the common pitfalls to avoid.

1. If a web site is not written to be Search Engine friendly then it is like a car with no engine – it will go nowhere! Designers of web sites may be skilled at writing the necessary html coding to give a presentable web site but they are not always aware or knowledgeable on the skills required to get good rankings with the Search Engines!

2. Most people who have a web site will have heard of the word ‘keywords’, but it is amazing how this is still misunderstood. Ask yourself what is the most important keyword that most people will use who are intending to holiday in the Cotswolds. The answer surprisingly is ‘cotswolds’!

3. Do you need an E-Marketing Partner? The answer is yes. Even a cleverly produced web site will find it difficult to compete with the larger professional web sites because the Search Engines will always rank much higher those ‘content rich’ sites specialising in specific areas of business.

4. Choosing an E-Marketing Partner with which to advertise can be a hazardous process but in reality is very easy and straightforward. There are hundreds of companies out there offering to advertise your business and promising to bring you thousands of potential guests – so how do you decide which one to go with? Easy – Just ask them how highly they are ranked with the leading search engines for the search term ‘cotswolds’ and choose one of the best.

5. This article would not be complete without re-stating one of the most basic fundamental requirements of marketing your business – good photographs! Please remember a ‘picture paints a thousand words’ – bedroom accommodation should be photographed with a wide-angle lens with all the lights switched on!

If you follow these guidelines then you will find your web site enquiries will improve beyond your expectations – good luck for 2004.

Should you require free assistance and guidance with your E-Marketing requirements, totally without obligation, then refer to our web site - a web site with the sole aim in helping Cotswold businesses succeed.


Published in the Gloucester Echo 26 March 2004

Tourists on-line for new way of booking

A BUSINESSMAN says he has the hi-tech answer for Cotswolds
businesses fighting cuts to tourism services.

Richard Pinder, MD of Broadway-based Cotswolds.Info, says web sites with attached information lines will be the best way to promote the area if the district council decides to slash funding to Visitor Information Centres. Cotswolds. Info, one of the area's largest internet resource providers, has already set up one hotline.

As the axe looms over Visitor Information Centres in Stow-on-the-Wold, Bourton-on-the-Water and Cirencester, he says it is perfectly poised to fill the breach.

Shops, tourist attractions, hoteliers and bed and breakfast owners fear trade will slump if Cotswold District Council reduces funding for the three centres.

Mr Pinder said: "There is a cloud hanging over the continuation of Visitor Information Centres. In addition to this Gloucestershire is now part of the English Tourism Council South West Tourist Board instead of the Heart of England. "These are all factors that show a need for the strengthening of the `Cotswolds' brand name and the provision of high-quality information services."

Mr Pinder said about 65 per cent of tourists now booked their accommodation online. "The UK and other English-speaking countries use the internet to arrange their touring and accommodation itinerary," he said The helpline will operate 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mr Pinder added: "The site will eventually publish details of every village and every nook and cranny for the benefit of tourists and the Cotswolds community. The web site is very popular and achieves more than 1,000 visitors a day. He said: "If the VICs do have to close we'll be perfectly placed to fill the gap"

But Bourton Chamber of Commerce chairman Audrey Dockery said the internet was no substitute for one-to-one contact at the VICs. She said: "A bigger proportion of older people tend to visit Bourton and that element might not access the internet."
The web site, at, includes details on places to stay, eat, visit and shop through the entire Cotswold area.

The district council will decide whether to slash funding from £235,700 in 2004/5 to £30,000 in 2008/9 on June 17.

"The web site is very popular"


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Cotswolds.Info is the World's largest Internet resource for the unique Cotswolds region of England with over 650 webpages of authoriative information so please make use of this facility to help you get the most from your visit to this website.

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