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BBC News - Home

BBC News - Home

July 24th, 2017
Charlie Gard parents end legal fight as time runs out for baby
Their lawyer told the High Court "time had run out" for the terminally-ill baby.
July 24th, 2017
US-Russia probe: Trump son-in-law Kushner denies collusion
Jared Kushner says he had "no improper contacts", as he prepares for a grilling in the Senate.
July 24th, 2017
Switzerland chainsaw attack: Police hunt Schaffhausen attacker
Five people were injured in the town of Schaffhausen after being attacked with a chainsaw.
July 24th, 2017
South African child 'virtually cured' of HIV
The nine-year-old has no active HIV in the body after catching the infection at birth.
July 24th, 2017
Dramatic footage shows pagoda collapsing into river
A Buddhist temple in central Myanmar has been swallowed by rising floodwaters after heavy rainfall.
July 24th, 2017
Michael Phelps loses 'race' to Great White shark
But a computer simulated race between the US swimmer and a shark draws complaints from many viewers.
July 24th, 2017
French philosopher Dufourmantelle drowns rescuing children
The French philosopher, who wrote a book called Praise of Risk, dies trying to save two children.
July 24th, 2017
Poland's President Duda vetoes judicial reforms after protests
Poland's president rejects a controversial law to replace Supreme Court judges with political nominees.
July 24th, 2017
China rising political star facing corruption probe
Sun Zhengcai, seen as a contender for China's top job, is being investigated, authorities say.
July 24th, 2017
CCTV shows Starbucks customer tackling armed robber
What Ryan Florez thought would be an easy target turned out to be anything but.
July 24th, 2017
Israel and Jordan in diplomatic standoff after embassy deaths
Jordan wants to question embassy guard who Israel says killed an attacker but has immunity.
July 24th, 2017
IMF downgrades UK and US growth forecasts
Lower activity in the first quarter of 2017 suggests both will underperform the global economy.
July 24th, 2017
Prince William: I talk to the children about 'Granny Diana'
Prince William talks about keeping his mother's memory alive for his own children.
July 24th, 2017
Microsoft signals end of Paint program
Paint has been part of the Windows operating system since its release in 1985.
July 24th, 2017
Shetland firefighters use oxygen masks for animals
The masks are being used by firefighters in Shetland in what is believed to be a Scottish first.
July 24th, 2017
Comic Con 2017: This year's highlights in 90 seconds
The costumes, the stars, the fans - this is Comic Con in 90 seconds.
July 24th, 2017
How the body responds to stress
We analysed how the body responds to stress - by making presenter Jordan Dunbar do a comedy performance.
July 24th, 2017
Film shows Muslims in 'unseen China'
Knife in the Clear Water offers a rare glimpse into the lives of China's Hui Muslim population.
July 24th, 2017
Boris Johnson tries 'hongi' greeting in New Zealand
Mr Johnson thanked locals for teaching him the greeting, in which people touch their noses together
July 24th, 2017
Ladders and chainsaws: The women teaching young girls firefighting skills
The Arlington County Fire Department is showing young women the ropes of firefighting at Camp Heat.
July 24th, 2017
The last days of Phnom Penh's iconic White Building
Images of diverse lives lived well in one of Phnom Penh's most iconic buildings, days before its demolition.
July 23rd, 2017
Texas county struggles with migrant deaths
How one Texas county is coping with the highest number of migrant deaths in the US, and struggling to identify the deceased.
July 23rd, 2017
Animal v Athlete: Four times man has raced beast
As Michael Phelps takes on a Great White Shark, we look at other athletes who have taken on animals.
July 23rd, 2017
The rather rude sounds of an elephant seal
Male elephant seals recognise the rhythm of one another's voices, researchers say.
July 22nd, 2017
Beyonce Madame Tussauds controversy: Waxworks over the years
Madame Tussauds has changed its controversial waxwork of Beyonce after social media users complained that it made her more light skinned.
July 23rd, 2017
The islanders who can only see in black, white and grey
Belgian photographer Sanne de Wilde is fascinated by the colourblind residents of Pingelap.
July 23rd, 2017
Couples take part in Belarus wife-carrying race
Couples take part in Belarus wife-carrying race
July 24th, 2017
The city that makes the most expensive boats in the world
How Italian seaside city Viareggio became a hub for the superyacht manufacturing industry.
July 24th, 2017
Where Trump is seen as saviour
One of America's poorest majority-white towns has faith the president will to make it great again.
July 24th, 2017
Why is Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe so unpopular?
As Japan's PM faces accusations of personal favouritism, his approval ratings have plummeted.
July 24th, 2017
Yazidi survivor: 'I was raped every day for six months'
Ekhlas, a Yazidi living in northern Iraq, was 14 when so-called Islamic State held her as a sex slave.
July 24th, 2017
How formula milk shaped the modern workplace
Since the first commercial substitute for breast milk was launched in 1865, formula has shaped the workforce.
July 24th, 2017
The communist soldier using charity sites to fund his war
Several Americans and Brits are using charity donation websites to finance their war efforts in eastern Ukraine.
July 23rd, 2017
Comic-Con day 3 recap: Stranger Things, Westworld, Ready Player One and more
A round-up of the film and TV events that made headlines in San Diego.
July 24th, 2017
The people trying to fight fake news in India
The explosion of mobile phones and connectivity has fuelled a scourge of fake news in the country.
July 24th, 2017
TV host's race jokes spark Brazil-Korea online war
Remarks and gestures made by a well-known Brazilian TV host kicked off an online spat between South Korea and Brazil
July 23rd, 2017
Why South Korea's women golfers are so successful
South Korean women have dominated international golf for years now. Why?
July 23rd, 2017
Six 'unpresidented' months - 42 to go
US citizens have now had six months to get used to their new president and still not all are finding it easy. Americans in the UK face a double dose of change with Brexit.
July 23rd, 2017
Marvel: Everything it unleashed at Comic-Con
Thor, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Ant-Man sent fans into meltdown.
July 23rd, 2017
Irish immigrant’s arrest highlights race's role in deportation
After a high-profile deportation, undocumented Irish immigrants are on edge.


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