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Big Sky Country

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Walter Wentz and Charlie


Had you been in Montana and Wyoming with me this July you would wonder why anybody in their right mind lived anywhere else in the world.  On the 15th of January you would know why. In midwinter the temperature drops to around 20 degrees below freezing and stays there for several months.  Winter in Big-Sky Country is not for sissies.

Montana, America Montana, America

The scenery is super, the hunting is excellent, and the fishing is good.  You can put bison (seen in the pictures), moose, deer, bear, elk, and wild trout all on the table.  None of these are dangerous animals unless you get them cornered or stumble onto a sow with her cubs.  The only thing dangerous in the Montana forest or Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming) are the stupid people.  For example, along the highway you see signs that read, 'DON'T FEED THE BEARS'.  And what do you see between the signs telling you not to feed the bears?  You guessed it; people feeding the bears.

Bison Free Range Bison

Yellowstone National Park is one of many such parks founded by that great naturalist, big-game hunter, and conservationist, President Teddy Roosevelt about a hundred years ago.  Yosemite, Sequoia, and Grand Canyon are other examples.  If you want a look, just call them up with your search engine.  If you are into gut-wrenching views, these are fine places to go.  

The park authorities have allowed commercial firms to provide food and lodging in the parks, but it is all tightly controlled.  In the summer accommodations can be scarce, so get your reservations in advance or take a tent and sleeping bags.  [Restaurants are no problem.]

Montana Montana

England is beautiful, but not in the awesome way as America's great parks. Go have a look.  This is a great time to do it, for the pound is very, very strong agains the U.S. dollar. You will think that the stupid Americans are giving the stuff away.

Big Sky Country