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Misery in the Cotswolds 2007

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Walter Wentz and Charlie

Misery in the Cotswolds June 2007

God, Mother Nature, Global Warming, or an evil conspiracy involving the CIA, Wall Street bankers, and whomever (You pick your favourite villain) dumped on Broadway last week.  In fact, it dumped all over England forcing over 10,000 people out of their homes.  You would not believe the mess.  Here is one example, a part of Broadway, in a photo taken by 'Andrew' for the BBC...

Flooding in Broadway, Cotswolds - July 2007

The storm did some good: It brought out the Blitz spirit, the English being at their best in times of crises.  Neighbours helped neighbours and the emergency services--police, fire departments, ambulance services, and social workers--did a wonderful job.  In most cases, the people were unpaid and did not have to be asked.  They just saw a need and went immediately to work.  A couple of them lost their lives as a result.

Towns like Tewkesbury, abut 20 miles from Broadway, were totally flooded. Our village had many homes, like mine, remain dry while others nearby had two or three feet of water in them. Potable water was also a problem as many water supplies became polluted.  Driving to Cheltenham Tuesday, I saw a lot of large portable blue tanks parked in villages to provide clean water. On the parking lot in Cheltenham I was met by police who were dispensing free bottled-water. Again, the emergency services are well on top of the problems. Although the Brits have much to be proud of, I am sure none of this will show up in the tourist literature.

Things are pretty well dried out now and there are no more serious storms forecast. So, come on over. You will still love this place.

Walter and Charlie

PS Charlie got wet, but it was only when I took him to Abbey Green, the local vet, for a shampoo and trim.

Cotswold Floods in June 2007