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The Tantalus and Other Eccentric Ideas



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Walter Wentz and Charlie


The Brits have a great reverence for eccentric people and ideas. One of my favourites was Screaming Lord Sutch.  Screaming Lord Sutch, who actually appeared on the ballot but was never elected to Parliament, advocated the digitising of Big Ben, the banning of January, and the laying of carpet on the motorways (to make them quiet). 

Another example of eccentric ideas is the Tantalus, seen below...


Its purpose is to tantalise you with its contents, but not let you have any of it, at least until the owner shows up with the key allowing you to remove and open the decanters.

My Tantalus was purchased in London from the most elegant shop I have ever been in.  It is the store of Toye, Kenning & Spencer at  19-21 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5BE, United Kingdom.  Toye, Kenning & Spencer carry beautiful merchandise, notably silver, crystal, and swords.  Do stop by when you visit the capital. 

The proprietor, Bryan Toye is a close friend who lives just up the street here in Broadway.  He is a descendent of Huguenots who were driven out of France hundreds of years ago because they were Protestant.  

Walter Wentz


The Tantalus and Other Eccentric Ideas