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Owning a Morgan Motorcar in the Cotswolds

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Walter Wentz and Charlie

Owning a Morgan Motor Car

I drive a car which is on the cutting edge of 1936 technology. It is a Morgan and is the only British car still in production.  [Jaguar, although in England, is an American company.]  The Morgan comes out of a factory in Malvern Link, about thirty miles from my home in Broadway.

The Morgan has a wooden frame. The front suspension was patented in 1911. Door handles are extra. And nobody puts up the top. See what I mean...

Walter's Morgan Motorcar with friend driving

Morgans are built for men who are going through male menopause. The owners all join the Morgan Sports Car Club and one of its local chapters which range from Oxford to Los Angeles.

Every summer a thousand or so cars show up at the big international rally in England at a site that varies from year to year. Recently it was near Stratford-upon-Avon.

Although the car is ancient, the engines are new. At present, a Ford and a BMW engine are on offer.

The waiting list used to be very long. I had to wait seven years to get mine. Now I believe it is less than a year, so if you are into nostalgia and enjoy a thrill a mile, sign on.

Since I arrived, 13 years ago, the inventory of cars in the U.K. has gone up fifty percent. The inventory of roads has not gone up one bit. Driving in the U.K. is miserable. The exception is on a sunny Sunday morning in the Cotswolds when there are few cars on the back roads and many, many lovely villages to visit and country hotels and pubs in which to enjoy breakfast or a cold drink. [Be careful of what you drink when driving in the U.K. A couple of beers can put a small person over the limit.]

You can find Morgan on the web. I would include its web site but AOL, for which I have little respect, lost it for me. You can also track down a firm that will rent you a Morgan for a short trip.

Enjoy. Walter Wentz

For more information about Morgan Motorcars and The Malverns in Worcestershire.

Owning a Morgan Motor Car