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Dogs in the Cotswolds

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Walter Wentz and Charlie

Dogs in the Cotswolds

Dogs in the Cotswolds are analogous to strawberries and cream, gin and tonic, and fish and chips. In short, they just naturally go together.

There are fields galore which are safe from roads and available to local folk who need to exercise their canines. There the dogs can run free. With luck a rabbit will pop up which are fun to chase although Charlie, my Cocker spaniel and sole family member, has yet to catch one. Myxomatosis (spell?), which sweeps through the rabbit population every few years had once immobilised a bunny allowing Charlie to reach it. However, after giving it a serious sniff, Charlie immediately lost interest. Enough said for Charlie's killer instinct.

Unfortunately, the United Kingdom, unlike Austria, does not allow dogs in restaurants. In Austria you will be turned away if you are not wearing proper attire, but there is no way your dog would be made unwelcome. I like that.

The Dogs Trust near Evesham
Dog Trust Centre at Evesham

The English have a reputation as being a nation of dog lovers. I suspect that is correct. They surely have a lot of institutions designed to serve the interests of dogs. One I support is the Dog's Trust which is a refuge centre for dog in need of a caring home. Their facility is elegant and they will never put down a healthy dog.

I do not own my dog, Charlie. He is owned by the Dog Trust rescue centre where I found him. They have the right to take him back if they decide that he is not being given proper care. I am comfortable with that too.

New residents at Evesham Dog Trust
New residents at the Dog Trust

In summary, dogs have it good in the Cotswolds. We intend to keep it that way.

Walter Wentz

For further information about the - Dog Trust at Evesham.

For - Dog Friendly accommodation in the Cotswolds.

Dogs in the Cotswolds