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An American living in the Cotswolds by Walter Wentz

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About Walter

Professor Walter Wentz is an American national who decided to retire to the beautiful village of Broadway in the Northern Cotswolds, England from Los Angeles some 15 years ago.

Walter has done many things in his life including qualifying as a professor in economics and marketing, writing five books on marketing, part-time LA Police Officer, serving in the US Navy, qualified pilot and Instructor, marketing consultant for several American blue chip companies and involved in show business.

Walter is an intelligent man with a great sense of humour and irony and very much of a people person with a good degree of humility (due, maybe, to being brought up in the great depression of the 1930s').

He loves animals and lives in his 400 year old Cotswold Cottage with his best friend Charlie, his Golden Cocker Spaniel.

Walter is regarded by the local community of Broadway as a 'cornerstone' and he is often to be found making friends with new inhabitants to the village and introducing them to the more established residents - no English reservation here!

He operates a virtual open house and famed for his Margaritas and Manhattans.

Walter Wentz and Charlie


An American Cotswolds Web Log by Walter Wentz