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Walter Wentz and Charlie


NEVER GO BACK.......I believe that is a quote from Santayana. Whomever said it, got it right. My return to California confirmed it.

Southern California, where I was brought up, has turned into a Spanish speaking shit hole.Walter and Charlie on the way back to USA in style The place is dirty, the air is filthy (smog), and the black and Mexican gangs rule many of the streets. English is no longer the first language.

When I was a boy living in South Pasadena, we would leave the door open when going out for a short time on a hot day. Try that now and when you came back none of the furniture would be left. There are places I will not go in Southern California, especially Los Angeles, without carrying a gun. As a retired police officer I could legally do this. However, I would do it anyway as it is better to be tried by nine of your peers than carried by six of your friends.

America has lost control of its borders. This result is a massive influx of illegal aliens, mainly Ernie's Taco HouseMexicans. One big advantage of this inflow is that the Mexicans are happy to do the work that the white folks are too lazy to do. Without the illegal Mexicans you could forget going out to dinner or getting your lawn mowed. The Mexicans do all the doggie work in the restaurants and provide the gardeners. Believe me, the 'lazy Mexican' is a myth.

Incidentally, if you ever get to Pasadena, California, visit my friend Ernie Cruz's restaurant, Ernie's Taco House. [He may have moved to nearby Eagle Rock]. I would gladly give a week's income for one of his dinners.

Ernie, was a gunner in a helicopter in Viet Nam. As they say in the vernacular, 'Ernie has brass balls.' He is a terrific guy and one of my most valued friends. Say 'hello' for me.

If you are British and getting lonely for your countrymen, visit Santa Monica, just west of L.A.Walter's Christmas Table Setting The English have taken the place over. 

That is it for now.

Have a merry Christmas.

God save the Queen and vote the straight Republican ticket.

Right of Reply - 11 July 2007

I was greatly offended by the article of Walter Wentz.  He should not have described Southern California as only pertaining to Los Angeles.  There are many cities in Southern California, one being San Diego where I live and does not have the problems that Los Angeles has.  Yes, we do have an influx of Mexicans here, but England also has a tremendous influx of many minorities.  When I visit England I am amazed, or horrified, by the different face of England.  I am an English lady living in San Diego and love the informality and friendliness of Americans. Also the sunshine and beauty of this city is hard to beat.  You cannot compare a small village in the Cotswolds to Los Angeles.  He should compare London to Los Angeles.  England is not the England that I left.  I mourn the loss of that peaceful beautiful country that I was raised in.  It no longer exists.  Maybe in the Cotswolds, but go to any big city in England and the same problems exist unfortunately that plague Los Angeles.  Plus Los Angeles is not a typical example of American life.  If America is so bad how come so many English people come here each year and wish they could live here.  Yes, I have visited the Cotswolds and its villages and they are absolutely beautiful, but just remember there are equally as beautiful places here too.  Shame on you Walter Wentz.     

Ann Gerstmar, The McKinley Associates, Inc., 1818 First Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101